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The key to success

Craft wine production begins in the vineyards. That is why caring for the vineyards is one of the most important things for us. We believe that the high quality of the wine is a result of our dedication for the excellent state of the land, vineyards and nature around us.


Harvesting the grapes

When to pick the grapes is an eternal question. The grape harvest determines the level of parameters such as sugar content, acidity, maturity of aromas and tannin and others. We try to keep the thin balance between well-ripened and over-ripen grapes in order to have the most expressive wines. To guarantee the quality, the grape harvest is on hand and the grapes are selected in the vineyard.

In the photo: Chardonnay grapes (harvest 2020).

Processing of grapes

After the harvest, the grapes are left to cool naturally in the evening to be ready for processing in the morning. The first step is to separate the berries from the stems and then crush them.

For the production of white and rosé wines directly, after this operation the grape pulp enters the press to juice extraction. 

For red wines, the grape pulp is loaded into oak barrels for fermentation.

In the photo: The first processing of Traminer and Chardonnay grapes and obtaining a bunch of them (harvest 2020).



This is a process of conversion of the grape sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, synthesizing other important flavors and aromas. For the fermentation we use a yeast culture selected from our vineyards in order to underline the particularities of our unique terroir. The fermentation of white and rosé wines itself takes place in large oak barrels. For the fermentation of red wines we use large oak barrels with a floating "cap" for optimal extraction.

In the photo: The quiet fermentation of Merlot already in the oak barrel (harvest 2018).


After the end of fermentation, the yeast dies and falls to the bottom of the barrel where it begins to decompose. By maturing on its lees, the wine is enriched the taste and aroma with favorable compounds. During aging various reactions that improve the quality of the wine take place. This process is long, but contributes for the harmonization and proper development of wines.

For optimal outcomes our approach includes a combination of old and new Bulgarian barrels for optimal balance.

Pictured: Wine tasting of the wines from 2019 in the cellar before bottling.

Prisoe Wine (132).jpg


Before bottling, the wine must be clear, stable and intact. For the bottling of the wine we use only high quality natural cork. 

Finally,the wine is ready for aging in the bottle. Now we just have to let time do its job so that it can develop, harmonize and show the best character.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and share with you more about Prisoe Wine Cellar and our wines!

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